Cladding Systems

Composite Wall Panels

A factory constructed system, composite wall panels consist of a layer of PIR or Rockwool insulation sandwiched between an inner and an outer skin of metal. The panels comprise of tongue and groove jointing, overlap jointing or a proprietary gasket and insert type joint. Once installed, the panels are fully air and watertight. A wide variety of finishes are available to suit project requirements. The key advantage of this solution is speed of installation and cost effectiveness.

Twin-Skin Cladding

Twin-Skin cladding systems consist of an internal profiled metal liner sheet and an outer profiled metal sheet separated by a bar & bracket support system and quilt insulation.


Rainscreen cladding can be used on block, pre-cast concrete or on integral wall (timber or steel) constructions. Typically the build-up consists of an outer siding of metal cladding fixed to an engineered aluminium support rail which is in turn fixed to the inner substrate. Insulation is mechanically fixed to the inner wall on a vapour control layer, typically EPDM is used for this purpose. The outer sheet acts as the ‘rainscreen’ and the inner wall acts as the vapour line. The cavity of the system acts as a drainage channel for water ingress that penetrates the outer face of the system. The system can be adopted to satisfy the most stringent of air leakage requirements.

We supply & fit the following rainsceen systems;

  • Aluminium Tray System

  • Teracotta Tile System

  • Tegral Pelicolour