Meet the Team - Andrew Cunliffe, Lead Estimator

Andy has led Crown’s estimating for projects in Ireland and the UK, for the past two years. Attention to detail and diligence are key skills in the estimating process, and Andrew has them both!

Andrew fell into estimating whilst working for a uPvc and roofline company, almost twenty years ago. His proficiency in numbers and computing, following a degree in Graphic Design from Blackpool College of Arts, led him to be designated as the company’s estimator, pricing more elements of the façade as the projects became larger and larger.

Since this initial introduction to estimating, Andrew has gained knowledge across most aspects of the building envelope, and has many large and prestigious projects in his portfolio.

Andrew enjoys the diversity in his work; pricing projects in several European markets and interacting with new clients and suppliers in each. Additionally, with Crown’s offering of the full external envelope, Andrew deals with multiple products and systems on a daily basis, so there is always something new to learn.

Every project is different, but Andrew can remember each one vividly. While his estimating work is based in the UK, the projects he has completed during his career have been installed in Ireland, the UK, Europe and even as far away as the USA.

When work lets up, Andrew enjoys family holidays, watching films, music and getting involved with his son’s football team.