Meet the Team - Elidiane Brandao, Document Controller

Elidiane Brandao joined Crown Roofing and Cladding in 2021, as our Document Controller, and has since managed all internal documentation.

Elidiane’s previous role, at a biotechnology company where she reviewed, compiled and distributed documentation, made her incredibly detail oriented, which is a central skill when managing large quantities of documentation on a daily basis.

Elidiane enjoys how multi-departmental her role at Crown is. Her reach across all of our internal teams, as well as her attention to detail, were pivotal in Crown’s successful bid for ISO certification earlier this year. Elidiane managed the process from the very beginning, working with the Crown team and external consultants to train staff and implement processes, all the way through to our ultimate certification in ISO 45001:2018; ISO 90001:2015; ISO 14001:2015 in February of this year.

Outside of work, Elidiane enjoys travelling, both to new places and to her home country of Brazil. Being a foodie, she relishes the chance to try local cuisines while travelling, and also tries to reproduce them at home.