Hyperscale data centre projects - Germany

Our hyperscale data centre projects in Germany are progressing well. Project 1 is due to be completed in June, while Project 2 will finish up in September.

These two data centres, totaling almost 70MW in capacity, consist of the below:

  • 11,700m2 of roofing
  • 17,000m2 of Trimo cladding panels
  • 1000m2 of curtain walling
  • 1000m2 of mesh

Project Manager Damian O’Sullivan and his son Gary, form part of the Crown Roofing and Cladding Ltd team on site. The team was recently awarded Subcontractor of the Month by main contractor Winthrop Technologies for their continued commitment to health, safety, quality and teamwork on this project.

Well done to team Crown on their work so far!