Crown Roofing & Cladding launches our new Mental Wellness initiative, “I Am Here’’

Crown Roofing has decided to take one step forward, to go beyond asking, “are you ok?” Amidst the present pandemic with uncertainties of its end, we have decided to take the very next step in promoting mental health among our employees.

On an average it has been estimated that one in four people battle with mental health. We believe that the parity of mental health in our employees is critical if we want to help them grow and the company grow. One of the greatest challenges in the workplace is the stigma around mental health and this is what we want to change. The stigma around mental health is a barrier for people asking help or even engaging with each other in an open dialogue.

As part of our initiative, we have introduced, I Am Here programme, which will be available to all our employees. We want our employees to know that we understand that it is ok, to not be ok and that it is ok to ask for help! We want to change this attitude around mental health and make it more accessible to all our employees.

We want to empower our employees to work in the most compassionate, caring and a supportive workplace. We want to provide support to all those battling with mental health and offer help when they require it. More than anything, we want our staff to help those in need too! Creating an environment where teams can come together and co-exist in a passionate way can be possible with I Am Here.

We know that our team can be best supported with their peers from around them. Therefore we want our employees to be a part of our initiative and ask for help, if they need it or be there for those who need it. We would be delighted to have them with us, as we take our first steps towards, I Am Here and join the tribe to bring on board our ambassadors.

I Am Here Tribe members and ambassadors, can be from anywhere in the workplace, and can learn to help build a culture of support and help us in this purpose of eradicating a taboo around mental health. If you are interested in creating a positive workplace environment, do not hesitate to register here. Or if you have any questions click here.