Rubberised Hot-Melt Waterproofing

Hot melt is a membrane that is applied as a hot liquid directly to a prepared structural deck to create a completely seamless, monolithic waterproofing layer. The hot liquid is reinforced with a layer of polyester fleece to increase the robustness of the waterproofing system.

It is suitable for use as the waterproofing layer on most new build flat roofing applications. It is particularly suitable for podium slabs or areas that are subject to heavy traffic during construction.

The most common application for hot melt is in an inverted roof system. Hot melt inverted roofs have many benefits, not least that they can be completely flat. In addition, the properties of hot-melt are such that it will fully bond to the substrate that is being laid on. This negates the risk of water tracking beneath the waterproofing system.

We are approved installers of the following rubberised hot-melt systems:

  • Bauder Bakor
  • Alumasc Hydrotech
  • Icopal Parabit
  • Soprema Duoflex