Intelligent Fingerprinting: Helping Crown Roofing & Cladding create a safer workplace

Here at Crown, we have an excellent reputation as the leading building envelope specialist contractor delivering large scale mission critical projects across Ireland, the UK and Europe. Above all else, the health, safety and wellbeing of our staff and our stakeholders is our number one priority- always. Due to the high-risk nature of our work, which is carried out predominately at height, we have a zero-tolerance policy in relation to the misuse use of drugs and alcohol in the workplace.

To promote positive adherence to our drug and alcohol policies across our construction sites in Ireland and the rest of Europe, we have rolled out an in-house drug and alcohol testing programme. This programme involves the use of intelligent fingerprint testing and breath testing for alcohol. Both tests are portable, non-invasive and conducted in a manner that maintains the dignity and privacy of those being tested.

Emma O’Gorman Wall, COO at Crown Roofing and Cladding explains: “As a company, we are highly committed to employee and stakeholder health, safety and well-being. This is our constant focus. Our objective, from a health, safety, and wellbeing point of view, is to keep everyone safe on site and ensure every individual gets home safely each evening to their families. While the introduction of this measure was not mandatory, we wanted to enhance the level of our workplace’s safety and protect our workers from the risks posed by misuse of drugs and alcohol in the workplace. We also hope that the in-house testing will motivate employees to live healthier lives and to get the help that he or she needs to overcome addiction or mental health issues. We have already implemented a huge range of mental health and wellbeing supports for our staff and hope that they will reach out and avail of these supports when they need to.”